======= CHANGELOG =======
2019-0-02: The new JET SKINS from @Beepbop have been released, along with the seasonal (time-limited) Valentine's skin
2019-01-31: A really BIG UPDATE has been released with many changes (see details in full changelog): show colors in leaderboard, more advices for beginners, do not flashbang teammates, kill counter, coins earnings in DEFUSE, bug fixes, lag improvements...
Full list:
2019-01-21: TEAM tournament season 2 is on track. To participate, join discord and check the pinned messages in channel #tournament
2019-01-14: The results for the 1-year anniversary Free-for-all tournament are here. Congrats to unteamer, Djm, and winner! (Prizes have been awarded)
2019-01-09: We celebrate the 1 year anniversary with a Free-for-all tournament game on Friday the 11th. Just be here at 1 pm EST and click the join button.
Players will be ranked by kills after 1 hour. Prizes: #1 = 20000 coins, #2 = 10000 coins, #3 = 5000 coins.
Note: the server will be located in US East
2019-01-05: Happy new year everyone! The new Space skins have been released!
2018-12-18: A special Winter Tournament Game - TEAM MODE - will occur next Saturday (December the 22nd) from 2 to 4 pm EST. To participate, join discord and contact one of the team captains.
2018-12-06: @Beepbop strikes again with almost 50 new skins! Have a look at his amazing work! Some will be released over the next months so keep an eye on it!
2018-11-24: the tournament is now over as Pinks won their 3rd game yesterday: Congrats to them and all participants who fought well for 5 games!
2018-11-12: The 3rd game for the tournament will be held on Friday. Join discord in #tournament to offer your services ;)
2018-11-09: The second game for the tournament is today at 5pm GMT. Watch it live on youtube!
2018-11-09: The first game for the tournament is today at 10pm GMT. Watch it live on youtube!
The next game is tomorrow, there will be a match every week! To participate, join discord
2018-10-31: Happy Halloween! Hope you like the change ,-) Big thanks to @Beepbop again for the help with visuals.
2018-10-27: @Harry is organizing the first TEAM mode defly.io tournament. Interested? Join discord and look at the rules pinned in the #tournament channel.
2018-09-12: Better support for trackpad: you can now turn with LEFT/RIGHT arrow keys and shoot with UP (enable in settings), and activate your Superpower with SHIFT (or E)
2018-09-08: - New SKINS made by @Beepbop, big thanks to him!
- A WIKI has been initiated by @hb_desiato, big thanks to him too! The New User Guide is especially worthwhile, check it out and feel free to contribute too :)
2018-06-04: New SKINS from the skin contest have been made available, check them out!
2018-05-23: New DEFUSE game mode, round based - read the rules & give feedback
2018-05-22: Skin contest results are here!
Congrats to the winners, 1st: King Stripes, 2nd: MallluS, 3rd: rjt
2018-05-14: Skin contest ongoing:
- Vote for you favorite skin from Tuesday 15th to Monday 21th: click here
Prizes - 1st: 10k coins, 2nd: 5k coins, 3rd: 2k coins. Top 3 winners also get their skin for free permanently, and exclusivity for 1 week (they will be the only one that can use it).
2018-05-07: Announcing the 1st defly.io skin contest!
- Post your skin art (animated gif recommended) on imgur and send me the link before Tuesday 15th 00:00 CET, via the feedback form or on discord (you can submit up to 5 entries).
- Vote for you favorite skin from Tuesday 15th to Monday 21th (selected submissions will be posted here)
Prizes - 1st: 10k coins, 2nd: 5k coins, 3rd: 2k coins. Top 3 winners also get their skin for free permanently, and exclusivity for 1 week (they will be the only one that can use it).
By submitting an entry to the contest, you agree to grant a free, permanent and non-conditional right to use your entry in the game
2018-03-02: TEAM MODE! Read the rules.
Also fix: build distance should be limited by cursor position ; bullets bouncing through lines ; can't shoot near map borders ; players can have the same color in PvP. [1.8]
2018-02-20: you can now create an account to store your game stats, and earn coins. New unlockable SKINS with account creation or coins. Towers in captured areas are weakened (1-shot kill) [1.7]
2018-02-02: The game can now be played on mobile/tablet. Watch the tutorial video! [1.6]
2018-01-30: Minimap is now updated with your own territory [1.5]
2018-01-26: Added spinner for respawn and fix respawn not completing. Prevent from losing focus when typing certain keys. [1.4]
2018-01-24: Many visibility fixes (ghost lines, invisible lines). Avoid appearing inside existing big areas. [1.3]
2018-01-20: Many fixes related to closing areas (blank territory). Improved/fixed bullet positions. Stability/lag improvements. [1.2]
2018-01-16: Tower shield is a now bit less strong, only active for complete areas, and make bullets bounce. Repairing towers is possible by building on damaged tower. Lots of bugfixes for zone building. [1.1]
2018-01-11: Official release of the beta version [1.0]
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