======= CHANGELOG =======
2018-03-02: TEAM MODE! Read the rules.
Also fix: build distance should be limited by cursor position ; bullets bouncing through lines ; can't shoot near map borders ; players can have the same color in PvP. [1.8]
2018-02-20: you can now create an account to store your game stats, and earn coins. New unlockable SKINS with account creation or coins. Towers in captured areas are weakened (1-shot kill) [1.7]
2018-02-02: The game can now be played on mobile/tablet. Watch the tutorial video! [1.6]
2018-01-30: Minimap is now updated with your own territory [1.5]
2018-01-26: Added spinner for respawn and fix respawn not completing. Prevent from losing focus when typing certain keys. [1.4]
2018-01-24: Many visibility fixes (ghost lines, invisible lines). Avoid appearing inside existing big areas. [1.3]
2018-01-20: Many fixes related to closing areas (blank territory). Improved/fixed bullet positions. Stability/lag improvements. [1.2]
2018-01-16: Tower shield is a now bit less strong, only active for complete areas, and make bullets bounce. Repairing towers is possible by building on damaged tower. Lots of bugfixes for zone building. [1.1]
2018-01-11: Official release of the beta version [1.0]
======= THANK YOU =======