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The game is beta version, please give feedback here or discord
Version: BETA 1.9
2018-03-05: TEAM MODE: added team chat (press enter), and TAB key to show teammates position. Death explosion radius now depends on player level.
2018-03-02: TEAM MODE! Read the rules.
Also fix: build distance should be limited by cursor position ; bullets bouncing through lines ; can't shoot near map borders ; players can have the same color in PvP.
Build towers, link by passing over them
Extend your territory to level up
Destroy your opponents and try to conquer the entire map!
How to play
Move: WASD (or arrow keys)
Build: Right Click or Space
Aim: Mouse cursor
Shoot: Left click
Graphics quality:
Objective: conquer the whole map !
Build up your territory to level up, and unlock a superpower at level 20.
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